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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Kerala a True Paradise on Earth

Kerala a true paradise on earth is a store house of many tourist destinations which have not limited scope but have a wide range. Kerala has become one of the prime destinations for the holiday’s as well good spot for the honeymoon for newlywed. It is known for its true natural beauty such as its beautiful beaches, scintillating backwaters, placid lakes and verdant forest. It is located on the south western region of the country. Thiruvananthapuram is the capital and the largest city of the Kerala.

Kerala Honeymoon Packages
There are many tourist destinations where tourists may likely to visit that are why it is named as one of the ‘ten paradise of the world’. It is not very easy to distinguish the beauty of Kerala but have to be experience by your visit once in a lifetime span. This beautiful place is gifted by many beautiful attractions and destinations that have no substitute in the entire globe.

Munnar is a beautiful hill station which is also called the Kashmir of south. This hill station is filled with beauty of lush tea gardens and the coffee plantation and its green top hill giving a splendid view the city that is a virtue of a Kerala travel. This hill station fascinates the tourists with their greenery. It has many other virtues like Anaimudi Peak, the Echo Point, and the Devikulam which insist the tourist from the entire corner of the world. The major tourist attraction would give a remarkable memory and will leave a beautiful touch on your heart. This hill station is generally attracts the newly wed couple where any one can make their love healthy forever.

Among the top destination Cochin is one of the popular place known as the queen of Arabia, is also the central gateway for the south Indian and for the foreigner visitors. It is very famous attractions as it offer lot to the visitors to this place like the Chinese fishing net, the Dutch Mattancherry Place, the cochin Museum and many alike giving the Kerala tour packages lot to explore boom and joy the greatness of Kerala.

Honeymoon Kerala

This place is famous for backwater and bird sanctuary. Tourists from the entire globe come here to appreciate this place. All the visitors go to this place to explore the joy ride on the well organized houseboats cruising on the back waters through the green nature pass through the very natural villages of the god’s own country’ the Kerala’ this ride would give you a heartily experience that will always give you a beautiful memory.

Wayanad is also a hill station another beautiful place of Kerala where any one can actually experience nature. It has carves, dense forest and everything to do fun. If you want to see, nature as its best, then Wayanad is the best place for you. Chembra peak, Banasura Peak, Brahmagiri are some important mountains and peak of this place. It generally considered as the ‘land of swamps’.  Apart with these hills and peaks you will find here beautiful lakes which is surrounded by evergreen forest and rolling hills. So get your family or beloved on your Kerala tour if you really wish to visit the true paradise on earth.

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